Naruto: Terumi Mei has 5 candidates for her husband


1st: Kakashi As the Sixth Hokage of Konoha, Kakashi was highly regarded in terms of status. Mei Terumi, the Fourth Mizukage, had mastered two kekkei genkai and was a powerful shinobi.

2nd: Madara Uchiha During the Fourth Shinobi World War revival, Madara and Mei Terumi became opponents. If they were not enemies, they might have made a good couple. 

3rd: Killer Bee  Killer Bee, in the Hidden Cloud Village, is the only unmarried man close to Mei Terumi's age. In terms of strength and status, he would be a suitable match for Mei Terumi. 

4th: Chojuro   Mei Terumi dotes on Chojuro, and he blushes whenever he sees her.


Although they appear to be like siblings, it seems like Chojuro has always had feelings for Mei Terumi.

5th: The handsome guy in the Infinite Tsukuyomi dream   In Mei Terumi's dream during the Infinite Tsukuyomi, there is a handsome guy she marries. Mei Terumi is happily getting married, and all the other kage attend the wedding.