Men Gang Rape 13-Year-Old Girl, Victim Insulted By Judge’s Sentence

According to a previous report by KKTV, Tyron Williams was sentenced to 10 years to life of sex offender intense supervised probation like Tommy and Clarence Williams. He apologized to the victim and her family and reportedly said, "If I knew she was underage, it wouldn't have happened in the first place."

But, his words offer little comfort for the victim and her family, who are rightfully outraged that at least four of the men escaped jail time after being convicted of the heinous crime. "There was six of them, and they gang-raped my granddaughter," the young girl's grandfather, shocked by the verdict, said. And, who can blame him for his disbelief?

Rape is a vicious and violent crime. The rape of a child is even more disturbing. Gang rape is even worse yet. At least four gang rapists walked free in this case, and probation will do little to stop them from striking again. We depend on our justice system to keep the public safe. But, it failed miserably in this case.

Giving gang rapists a slap on the wrist hardly discourages other monsters from doing the same nor will it stop these predators from creating more victims. This is a travesty, and the world needs to know about it. We need to demand more from our courts. This was someone's daughter, who these beasts treated like a sex doll, leaving her injured to the point she may never bear children. We must stand up and let authorities know that this is not okay. We expect more. It's time the justice system stops coddling criminals and gives them the punishments they deserve. Probation for gang rape is hardly adequate.

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