School Suspends Boy After Parents Find Out About Mom’s Job

Sara Blake Cheek, a mother of four from Florida, faced humiliation and her seven-year-old son's suspension from school because of her occupation as an OnlyFans model. After her salon closed due to COVID lockdowns, Sara joined OnlyFans to support her family and earned a significant income from it. However, some concerned parents complained about her racy and risque photos on the platform.

Sara expressed feeling humiliated by her son's suspension and claimed that the principal refused to communicate or provide a reason for the mistreatment, solely based on her involvement with OnlyFans. She defended her decision, stating that it does not make her a bad mother and emphasized the debilitating feeling of having her rights as a mother taken away.

Despite briefly homeschooling her son, Sara enrolled him in a public school but remained emotionally scarred by the suspension. She mentioned a prior incident where she was banned from her children's football organization due to her involvement with OnlyFans, further highlighting the impact on her parenting.

Sara reached out to support Victoria Triece, another OnlyFans model who faced consequences at her son's school due to her day job. She defended Victoria and highlighted the unjust treatment faced by mothers providing for their families through unconventional means.

Sara compared her actions to those of celebrities who receive praise despite engaging in explicit scenes, emphasizing that she leads a normal suburban life while facing ostracism in her neighborhood. Despite the controversies surrounding her, Sara appeared on the cover of Playboy and provided football analysis on ESPN. She also started her own management company to help other female creators on OnlyFans.

In conclusion, Sara Blake Cheek faced backlash, humiliation, and her son's suspension from school due to her involvement as an OnlyFans model. She defended her choices, advocated for the rights of mothers in similar situations, and worked towards supporting other creators in the industry.

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