Dead Carjacker’s Mom Says He’s Not A Criminal Because Of Cop’s Crash

In Baltimore, Maryland, a tragic incident unfolded when 20-year-old Dion Taylor and his two friends carried out an armed carjacking. They refused to stop for the police, leading to a dangerous vehicle pursuit. However, during the chase, Taylor made a sudden turn onto Highgate Drive, causing one of the officers to accidentally crash into him, resulting in his immediate death. Taylor's grieving mother, Teisha Cook, claims that her son "was not a criminal" because of this one alleged mistake made by the officer.

Despite evidence confirming that Taylor and his accomplices were armed during the carjacking and subsequent chase, Cook insists that her son did nothing illegal and alleges that the police intentionally ran him over. She argues that her son's death justifies his prior actions. However, Baltimore County Police Corporal Shawn Vinson has refuted Cook's claim, stating that there is no evidence suggesting that the officer intentionally struck Taylor's vehicle. The investigation indicates that the officer accidentally collided with Taylor due to his evasive maneuvering.

The police maintain that all the officers involved followed protocol and are presumed innocent until proven otherwise. However, further details cannot be released at this time due to the ongoing investigation. The officer involved in the crash has been placed on routine administrative leave.

While the third suspect remains at large, Taron Donta Kelly, a 16-year-old, has been charged as an adult with armed robbery, armed carjacking, theft of a motor vehicle, possession of a firearm, and minor possession of a handgun.

It is understandable that Cook is experiencing grief and anger over the loss of her son, regardless of his actions or lifestyle. Losing a child is an unimaginably difficult experience. However, it is important to acknowledge that Taylor was responsible for the choices that led to his untimely death, and no one else can be held accountable. It is hoped that Cook finds closure amidst this tragic series of events.

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