Bride Bans Conservative Uncle From Wedding, Still Expects Gift

A progressive bride decided to exclude her conservative uncle, Dave, from her wedding due to his political beliefs. The bride's mother wrote to an advice columnist, expressing her surprise at her daughter's request and explaining that she informed Dave through a kind note. Uncle Dave gracefully accepted the decision and refrained from attending the wedding. However, the issue arose when the bride and her mother expected a generous wedding gift from Dave, as he had given substantial gifts in the past. Disappointed by his lack of a gift, the mother sought advice on how to address his behavior.

The advice columnist, Amy Dickinson, responded by criticizing the entitlement displayed by both the bride and her mother. Dickinson pointed out that the bride had the right to create her own guest list and that the mother had chosen to protect her without considering the consequences. She also highlighted the insensitivity of sending photos from the wedding to an excluded guest. Moreover, Dickinson emphasized that expecting a gift under these circumstances was unreasonable and would only tarnish the bride's reputation.

Dickinson praised Uncle Dave for his grace and dignity in respecting their wishes by staying away. She commended him for not engaging in retaliation despite their hypocrisy. The letter went viral, exposing the entitled actions of the bride and her mother.

The bride wanted to exclude her uncle based on his political views but still expected him to contribute financially to her wedding. This story highlights the consequences of such entitlement and selfishness, with the bride receiving no gift and the mother realizing the repercussions of their actions. Ultimately, they faced public mockery and the loss of a meaningful relationship with a beloved family member.

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