Model’s Upper Lip And Nose Torn Off By Pit Bull, Gets New Face

Brooklinn Khoury, a 22-year-old model and skateboarder from Mission Viejo, California, experienced a life-changing event when she was attacked by a relative's pit bull in 2020. The vicious attack resulted in the loss of her entire upper lip and parts of her nose, requiring extensive surgeries that cost over $400,000.

Following the attack, Khoury shared video footage of the immediate aftermath, expressing her difficulty in comprehending why this had happened to her but maintaining faith in God's greater plan. She acknowledged the challenges ahead, including the uncertainty her future and the possibility of regaining normal functions like smiling and eating.

Despite the physical and emotional trauma, Khoury found valuable lessons in her disfigurement. She learned to love herself unconditionally, recognizing that society's beauty standards are subjective and that everyone possesses their own unique beauty. The experience also taught her patience and the importance of not taking life for granted, appreciating its preciousness.

Khoury documented her journey on YouTube, including an upcoming surgery to aid her healing process. While she expressed mixed feelings about the surgery and the temporary halt it would impose on her active lifestyle, she remained hopeful and requested prayers for a successful outcome. The surgery involved a complex procedure where artery from her arm was used to supply blood to the new skin around her mouth.

The cost of Khoury's surgery was reported to be $400,000, and she mentioned the need for additional cosmetic surgeries in the future. Despite the devastating impact of the attack, Khoury left the decision of euthanizing the dog to her relatives. However, animal control ultimately determined that the dog must be put down due to the severity of the attack.

In conclusion, Brooklinn Khoury's life took a dramatic turn when she was attacked by a pit bull, resulting in severe facial injuries. Through her journey of recovery, she found strength in self-love, patience, and gratitude for life's preciousness. Despite the challenges, modern medicine offered hope for repairing some of the physical damage inflicted by the attack.

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