Woman Who ‘Raped Little Boy Hundreds Of Times’ Found Dead In Jail

Tina Ketcham, a 40-year-old woman from Oregon, was found dead in her jail cell after being accused of raping an underage boy hundreds of times. She faced multiple charges, including first-degree rape, sodomy, and sex abuse. The charges represented only a fraction of the alleged abuse that occurred over a five-year period. Ketcham pleaded not guilty and hoped to be released on bail, but the judge refused to lower her bail from $350,000. Just over two weeks after her arrest, Ketcham hanged herself in her cell. She had previously attempted suicide twice during the investigation. While some argue about the purpose of prison and whether it should prioritize the safety of inmates, Ketcham's death did not elicit much sympathy due to the nature of the crimes she was accused of committing.

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