Naruto: A joke that only old fans know


1.Itachi's Unique Trait and Sarada's Fortune: Uchiha clan members are known for their distinctive hedgehog hair and uncontrollable laughter. 

2.Uchiha's Laugh and Breath: How Uchiha clan members manage to laugh constantly without running out of breath may be a mystery. 

3.Guy's Mighty Kicks and Forgetful Mind: there is a humorous aspect to his character - he can't remember the names or faces of the people he fought against. 

4.A Curious Case: Kakashi seems to have forgotten about his most powerful enemy, Madara. Surprisingly, Madara praises Kakashi as the most formidable taijutsu user he has encountered. 

5.Burning with Disappointment: The Uchiha's strongest physical attack jutsu, Amaterasu, introduced by Itachi, has never managed to burn someone to death except for White Zetsu. Even when hitting Madara directly, it only increased his body temperature.