Naruto: What are the special ninjutsu among the five types of ninjutsu?


1. Earth Release (2 techniques): Earth Release: Earth Transformation and Earth Release: Mud Spore. Earth Transformation summons earth and rocks by changing the terrain to match a map. Mud Spore resurrects the user's body from chakra-filled soil, turning it into a puppet.

2. Water Release (2 techniques): Water Release: Water Mirror and Water Release: Great Shark Water Bullet Technique. Water Mirror creates a reflection of the opponent and mimics their power. Great Shark Water Bullet absorbs the opponent's ninjutsu, increasing the power of the water bullet.

3. Fire Release (1 technique): Amaterasu.


It is a powerful Fire Release that burns the target completely and can even burn intangible objects like flames.

4. Lightning Release (2 techniques): Lightning Chakra Mode and Lightning Illusion: False Darkness. Lightning Chakra Mode enhances speed, defense, and attacks. False Darkness gathers lightning from all directions to destroy everything within the area.

5. Wind Release (2 techniques): Vacuum Blow and Drilling Air Bullet. These techniques create a vacuum area, neutralizing other ninjutsu and making them ineffective.