Naruto: 5 containers that Orochimaru likes


1: Orochimaru's obsession with Uchiha Itachi's Sharingan power led him to desire Itachi's body as his next vessel.

2: Kimimaro, the leader of the Sound Five, possessed the Kaguya clan's Shikotsumyaku ability, making him a perfect candidate for Orochimaru's vessel. But due to Kimimaro's terminal illness, Orochimaru had to abandon this plan. 

3: Orochimaru's ultimate goal was to acquire the power of the Sharingan. After failing to capture Itachi, he targeted Sasuke - Itachi's younger brother.

4: In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Orochimaru appears as a young and beautiful woman, with an unknown name and abilities.


Orochimaru appreciates this vessel and even acts as a "mother" to an artificial son named Mitsuki. 

5: Orochimaru initially planned for Sasuke to be his vessel, but used Gen'yūmaru temporarily. Gen'yūmaru possessed incredible power but was just a substitute for Sasuke, who was Orochimaru's ideal vessel.