VIDEO: Armed Robber Terrorizes Train, Boxer Flips Him Like A Hamburger

In a tense situation on a Chicago train, an armed robber had the passengers frightened and compliant. However, the unfolding events took an unexpected turn when a courageous older man, Jean-Paul LaPierre, decided to confront the criminal head-on.

LaPierre, a 52-year-old Boston native visiting the city for the Chicago Marathon, noticed the commotion and asked about the situation. Upon learning about the armed robber, he felt a surge of anger and refused to remain silent or flee like the other passengers. Without hesitation, LaPierre approached the area where the robber, Tremaine Anderson, was standing and demanded that he hand over the gun.

Incredibly, LaPierre managed to disarm Anderson despite the significant size difference between them. He skillfully wrested the gun from the suspect's grasp and held him against the train door with his left arm. Taunting and warning Anderson, LaPierre asserted his authority, mentioning his boxing skills and martial arts expertise.

To ensure the safety of everyone on the train, LaPierre requested a fellow passenger to take the gun and secure it. With no weapon in hand, he continued to restrain Anderson, threatening to incapacitate him if he resisted. Throughout the ordeal, LaPierre remained resolute, determined not to let the perpetrator escape.

Eventually, the police arrived, but Anderson resisted arrest and refused to lie face down. In response, LaPierre reengaged, swiftly flipping the suspect onto his stomach so the officers could handcuff him. Despite threats from Anderson's accomplices, who shouted at LaPierre to release their friend, he stood unwaveringly.

After the incident, LaPierre completed the Chicago Marathon with a sense of pride and a clear conscience. Remarkably, one of Anderson's victims on the train, who happened to be a fellow runner, expressed gratitude to LaPierre for his intervention.

Anderson, who had an extensive criminal record including charges of attempted robbery, battery, and public indecency, was arrested and charged with felony robbery with a firearm. He is currently in custody without bond.

This inspiring story highlights the bravery and determination of Jean-Paul LaPierre, who refused to allow innocent people to be victimized. His courage, along with his background in boxing and martial arts, played a significant role in subduing the armed robber and ensuring the safety of those on the train.

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