Why was Naruto's father able to break the lineage theory?


Powerful characters like Hashirama and Madara benefit from their strong bloodlines, while Naruto himself inherits the Sage of Six Paths and the Nine-Tailed Fox. For characters without such advantages, like Kakashi, success is harder to achieve. 

However, Naruto's father, Minato, breaks this pattern. Although he comes from an ordinary family with no remarkable bloodlines, he possesses exceptional abilities and combat intelligence.

Nonetheless, Minato's techniques do have limitations, as seen when facing someone like Obito with bloodline enhancements.

Despite this, Minato's skills are highly valued, leading to his appointment as Hokage. He overcomes ancestral limitations by maximizing the use of ordinary techniques, adapting well, and effectively analyzing opponents. Even with seemingly ordinary abilities, one can become extraordinary by pushing their skill limits.