Naruto: The 5 Strongest Anbu Masters


1: Kakashi Hatake: Kakashi Hatake, son of legendary ninja Sakumo Hatake, is known for his extraordinary talent and unrivaled strength. Joining the Anbu Black Ops after the deaths of Rin and Obito, he rises to become an elite Jonin and mentor of Team 7. 

2: Itachi Uchiha: His skills improved greatly in the Anbu, and at 13, he became a squad captain. Ultimately, Itachi wiped out the Uchiha clan and became a rogue ninja with exceptional power. 

3: Shisui Uchiha: Renowned for his teleportation and genjutsu skills, he earned the moniker "Shisui the Teleporter." Despite dying young, Shisui possessed the potential to surpass even the Hokage in strength.



4: Kisame Hoshigaki: Formerly an Anbu, his task was to eliminate captured teammates to prevent information leakage. After defecting and joining the Akatsuki, Kisame's strength, honed in the Anbu, remained unquestionable. 

5: Orochimaru: After his crimes were exposed, Orochimaru fled and became a rogue ninja, now a master of forbidden jutsu and an elite Jonin.