In Naruto, there are six "stitched monsters" created by transplanting cells from multiple individuals: Kurotsuchi with eight stitches, and Orochimaru with four stitches.

In the anime series Naruto, chakra is a mixture of spiritual and physical energy that can connect people and store special powers in their cells. Many ninjas choose to transplant cells in order to gain the abilities of others, becoming "stitched monsters." One notable example is Orochimaru's experiment, Kabuto Yakushi, who transplants cells from various individuals. Kabuto gains a variety of abilities, including water transformation, physical healing, snake-based powers, two different attacks, spider nest creation, bone manipulation, and illusionary music. Another example is Danzo Shimura, who transplants multiple Sharingan eyes and cells, potentially from eight individuals. Sasuke Uchiha receives cells from his brother Itachi and later possibly from Orochimaru and Karin. A character named Hiruko uses a technique to absorb the abilities of others, including steel manipulation, speed enhancement, darkness manipulation, and storm manipulation. These "stitched monsters" play a significant role in the Naruto series.