When Will My Baby Develop the Pincer Grasp?

The first year of a baby's life is full of new developments. It's pretty mindblowing that over a few short months your newborn, who once could not even hold their head up on their own, will be toddling around and learning to feed themselves.

Babies generally go through major physical milestones in a relatively predictable order. Reaching one step in development prepares them for the next. For example, hand and finger milestones begin with your baby reaching for an object. Then they will start to grasp objects, raking them towards themselves with their hands.

One of the most important hand and finger milestones is called the pincer grasp. Here, we explain exactly what the pincer grasp is and why it's so important for your baby's development.

Key Takeaway

The pincer grasp is a developmental milestone in which a baby is able to pick up a small object by grasping it between their thumb and forefinger. It paves the way for other milestones later, and it's usually seen around 8 to 10 months of age.

What Is the Pincer Grasp?

The pincer grasp is a fine motor skill that entails picking up an object by grasping it between the thumb and forefinger. When your baby can use the pincer grasp, they will be able to pick up small objects, such as toys or pieces of food. Mastering the pincer grasp is an important first step in other motor skills, such as learning to hold a pencil in the future.

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