Naruto: The 5 most embarrassing ninjutsu


1. Amaterasu: It was initially considered to be the strongest physical attack, but in fact there are many ways to crack it and it does not display its true power.

2. Ye Kai: Eight Gate Dunjia is the strongest physical skill. Ye Kai can obtain super combat power, but the result is death and the expected effect cannot be achieved.

3. The Strongest Shield: The Third Raikage's Thunder Armor was called the strongest shield, but it was broken by the Raikage's own Strongest Spear in the Fourth Ninja War.

4. Earth Reincarnation: The Earth Reincarnation created by the second Hokage Tobirama is the most heaven-defying forbidden technique, but it was successfully cracked later and lost its power.

5. Hidan's immortality: Hidan gained the ability to become immortal, but eventually died of hunger, and the original setting collapsed.