Cop Finds Parked Car On Highway, Spots Occupant With ‘Ear Protection’

South Carolina Highway Patrolman Adam Klimek came across a mother and her autistic son parked on the side of a busy highway. The car had broken down, and the young boy was struggling with the noise and sensory overload from passing traffic. When Trooper Klimek arrived with flashing blue lights, the boy feared they were in trouble. However, Klimek surprised them both by opening his cruiser's door and offering assistance.

Recognizing that the mother was having difficulty managing her son while making necessary phone calls for assistance, Klimek engaged the boy in conversation, learning about his interests, including watching Netflix. Thinking on his feet, Klimek brought out his computer, logged into Netflix, and allowed the boy to choose a movie to watch while they waited for a tow truck. They settled on "Curious George," one of his favorites.

After the tow truck arrived, Klimek escorted the mother and son to a safe area. Charvia, the mother, thanked Klimek and asked for a photo with her son. Going above and beyond, Klimek gave Jeriah his hat and a badge, declaring him an honorary patrolman and reminding him about the importance of wearing seat belts.

Charvia expressed her deep gratitude to Klimek, emphasizing the challenges faced by parents of children with special needs and how this positive encounter made a significant impact. Klimek humbly responded, stating that he treated them as he would want his own family to be treated in a similar situation.

The story showcases Klimek's understanding and empathy towards individuals with special needs, particularly children. In that moment, he provided comfort, friendship, and assurance to the young boy. It highlights the role of police officers in being not just enforcers but also compassionate allies.

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