Arizona girl Alicia Navarro, missing since 2019, walks into tiny Montana police station: ‘Miracles do exist’

Alicia Navarro, a girl from Arizona who went missing days before her 15th birthday four years ago, has been found safe in Montana. Now 18 years old, Navarro walked into a police department in a small town near the Canadian border and identified herself as the missing teen. Her parents discovered a note from her stating that she had run away, but they never heard from her until this week. Navarro asked to be removed from the missing children list, and Glendale police confirmed her identity and contacted her family. In an emotional reunion, Navarro apologized to her mother for the pain she endured during the past four years. The details of her disappearance remain unknown, but she assured police that she was unharmed and appeared to be healthy. Navarro is currently in Montana and has requested privacy to move on with her life. While investigators are still looking into how she ended up in Montana and her activities over the past four years, they believe this is just the beginning of the investigation.

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