Naruto: 5 Kages who died at the hands of rebel ninjas


1. Third Kazekage: Known as the strongest Kazekage, he was killed by Sasori, who turned him into a puppet. His disappearance remained a mystery. 

2. Fourth Kazekage: Considered weak, he was ambushed and killed by Orochimaru, Kabuto, and Kimimaro. His body was infested with insects.

3. Second Hokage: Tobirama Senju, a powerful ninja, died protecting his disciples from rogue ninjas Kin and Gin.

4. Third Hokage: Hiruzen Sarutobi, once the "strongest Hokage," sacrificed himself in a battle with Orochimaru. He sealed away Orochimaru's jutsu at the cost of his own life. 

5. Sixth Hokage: Danzo was briefly appointed as the Sixth Hokage but was killed by Sasuke after the Five Kage Summit. These Kage met tragic and pitiful ends, but their sacrifices shaped the future of their villages.