Family Was Being ‘Eaten Alive’ At Walt Disney World, Bitten 331 Times

A Kentucky family's vacation at Walt Disney World turned into a nightmare when they discovered their hotel room was infested with bed bugs. Christina Streble and her family noticed bites on their bodies, initially assuming they were from mosquitoes. However, as more bites appeared, they realized it was something worse. Upon inspecting their room at the Oak Plantation Resort in Kissimmee, they found watermelon seed-sized bed bugs under the mattress.

Despite alerting the management, no action was taken, forcing the Strebles to cut their vacation short and return home to Louisville. When they sought medical attention, the doctor described it as the worst case of bed bugs he had ever seen. The family filed a consumer complaint, leading to inspectors from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation confirming the presence of bed bugs in their room. The resort claims it was an isolated incident and has treated the room.

The resort plans to offer the family a refund or a free week's stay, but it is unlikely that they will return due to the lasting trauma experienced by their children. The family now faces the challenge of ensuring they did not bring the bed bugs back home with them in their luggage.

This unfortunate incident serves as a reminder for travelers to thoroughly inspect their accommodations to avoid similar situations. Bed bugs are difficult to eliminate, and precautions should be taken to prevent their spread. The family's ordeal highlights the importance of being vigilant and taking necessary measures to protect oneself from such discomforting experiences.

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