Cop Saves Woman From Being Mauled By Pit Bulls, She Wants Him Fired

A woman in Massachusetts was viciously attacked by a pack of six pit bulls while walking her daughter's puppy. Fortunately, a police officer happened to be nearby and rescued her from the attack. However, instead of expressing gratitude, the woman is demanding that the officer be fired. The incident occurred when one pit bull escaped from its owner's yard and began attacking the small dog. As the woman tried to intervene, the neighbor's other five pit bulls also escaped and surrounded her. The police officer arrived on the scene and scared the dogs away, allowing a bystander to pull the injured woman into the patrol car. Despite the officer's actions saving her life, the woman and her daughter believe he should have done more, such as shooting or using a taser on the dogs. They want him fired, but the police department has confirmed that the officer followed protocol and took the best course of action. The officer was unable to safely discharge his firearm without risking harm to the woman or the owner. The woman suffered severe injuries and required hospitalization, while her daughter expressed heartbreak over the loss of their puppy. The pit bulls were later seized by Animal Control, and an investigation is ongoing. The incident highlights the challenges faced law enforcement officers who are criticized regardless of their actions.

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