Naruto: Obito's 5 Masks


1. White Fang Mask - Obito, after being injured and losing an eye, was saved by merging with White Zetsu cells. He wore a white spiral mask made from these cells. 

2. Tiger Stripe Mask - After Rin's death, This mask had no practical use other than hiding his identity. 

3. Tiger Stripe Mask 2.0 - It had the same purpose as the previous mask but with a different color and pattern. 

4. Whirlpool Mask - Obito wore this mask as "Tobi" before the Fourth Great Ninja War. It had an orange color and a whirlpool pattern, which synced with his Kamui ability. 

5. War Mask - This mask was designed to activate the Infinite Tsukuyomi as the Ten-Tails jinchuriki, showcasing Obito's careful planning.