Naruto: When the protagonists turn white hair


1. Ziyanghua's Transformation: Ziyanghua, and her stunning appearance with light purple hair has now turned white, giving her a cool and handsome look. 

2. Hinata's Beauty: Hinata, Now, with white hair, Hinata's beauty is still as breathtaking as a painting. 

3. Sakura's Vibrancy: Sakura, the main female character in Naruto, may not have the same figure as Hinata, With white hair, Sakura still looks lively and natural. 

4. Minato's Transformation:  With golden hair and unmatched speed, he is known as the "Yellow Flash." When his hair turns white, he suddenly resembles Jiraiya. 

5. Konan's Change: Konan, the last member of Akatsuki, gives off a cold and aloof vibe with her long purple hair. With white hair, Konan takes on a slightly fierce vibe, earning the title of the "White-Haired Witch."