Naruto: Five couples who ended up together


1. Naruto and Hinata: The Naruto and Hinata storyline is highly anticipated. Their relationship blossoms from strangers to love interests, culminating in an exciting wedding.

2. Sasuke and Sakura: Although their love is not explicitly shown, Sasuke and Sakura eventually marry and have a daughter. Their affection for each other is depicted subtly and reservedly.

3. Shikamaru and Temari: Initially unexpected, their relationship proves to be a great match. With the birth of their son, Shikadai, their bond as a family becomes even stronger.

4. Neji and Tenten: Although not officially confirmed as a couple, their strong bond is evident. They are frequently seen together, hinting at a deeper connection.

5. Jiraiya and Tsunade: Jiraiya and Tsunade share a relationship of mentorship and friendship, with unrequited love for each other. Unfortunately, Jiraiya dies before their feelings can be explored further.