Naruto: The five weakest jonin in Konoha!

1. Ebisu: As a disciple of Orochimaru and a high-ranking shinobi of Konoha, Ebisu made an impression during the Chunin Exams, scaring Naruto. While he has strong tracking abilities, his offensive skills are lacking, with only the "Hidden Shadow Snake Hand" technique being memorable. He even lost to Kabuto. Perhaps Orochimaru neglected to properly train him.

2. Yugao: As the examiner for the Chunin Exams, Yugao is skilled in swordsmanship but was easily defeated by Kakashi when caught eavesdropping. Being defeated with a single blow is underwhelming, though she is beautiful and has a girlfriend.

3. Shizune: Tsunade's top disciple, Shizune's medical ninjutsu was strong, but Sakura surpassed her by learning Tsunade's Hundred Healings technique. It's unclear if Tsunade favored Sakura or if Shizune lacked talent. She died during Pain's attack on Konoha but was later revived. She played a significant role in the Fourth Great Ninja War. 

4. Yuhi Kurenai: A genjutsu-type ninja known for her beauty, Kurenai's combat abilities are not noteworthy. She was trapped by Itachi's genjutsu but later gave birth to Asuma's child and changed her name. She did not participate in the Fourth Great Ninja War due to pregnancy. 

5. Hatake Kakashi: A skilled shinobi and former Hokage, Kakashi is known for his sharingan eye and copy ninjutsu abilities. He mentored Team 7 and contributed greatly to battles. Despite retiring, he continued to teach at the Ninja Academy, inspired by Naruto's determination and belief in children's unlimited potential.