Travel-Inspired Baby Names Trending in 2023

Choosing the perfect baby name can be a gruelling process. With so many choices, narrowing down which direction to go is hard. Baby names inspired by fantastic cities or a first trip to Disney are all the rage these days and may have some importance in your life.

Even if you're not planning on vacationing at the one of the best all-inclusive resorts, you can draw inspiration and give your baby a unique name from an excellent spot (even if you've never been there).

A new study by travel and luggage experts Bounce reveals the best travel-inspired baby names in 2023. Here's the breakdown of their top picks.

The top 10 most popular travel-inspired baby boy names


Claiming the top spot for the most-used travel-inspired baby name is Hudson. The name originates from the Hudson River in New York, of course. More than 77,000 boys born since 2000 in the US have chosen Hudson because it's classic and timeless.


The English name Preston comes in second, with more than 58,000 families naming their baby after the quaint town of Lancashire, England, where you can imagine sitting outside your cobblestone house with a cup of Earl Grey. In the US, two towns named Preston exist in Connecticut and Idaho.


Camden stems from a famous borough in London, making it an excellent choice for parents looking for a sophisticated name. And, while more than 48,000 boys have claimed the gender-neutral moniker, a city by the same name exists in New Jersey if you want a trip to this well-known Philadelphia suburb to see if the name fits.


The name Dakota comes from Sioux, Native American origin, and means "friend." More than 39,000 parents donned their babies—boy or girl—with this moniker. And, though there are two states indicating a North and South partition, the name embodies a welcoming vibe.


Kingston is it for those searching for an old English name with a little kick. Whether you've traveled across the ocean or not, the word for "king's town" has roots in Kingston upon Thames and Kingston upon Hull. Sounds fancy, doesn't it? In recent years, parents have used this travel-inspired baby name to reflect trips to Kingston, Jamaica as well as Kingston, Ontario and Kingston, New York.


From Hebrew and Middle Eastern origins, Israel means "God perseveres" and is a great choice for boys or girls. In celebration of the country, it's a unique name if you want something different. It's also the Torah's alternative name for Jacob, the son of Isaac, who would go on to settle the land that is now between Egypt and Jordan.


Devon, a name meaning "defender," is a county in the Southwest of England widely known for wild moors and a vibrant history that includes pirates and smugglers. Originally, Devon comes from Celtic inhabitants who fought off Anglo-Saxon invaders, which sounds pretty punk rock for your little one.

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