Mugger Dies After 2 Men He Tried To Rob Turned The Tables

Robert Compton, a parolee with a history of criminal offenses, attempted to rob two men on Staten Island. However, the tables were turned when the intended victims fought back using martial arts. They discovered that Compton's gun was fake and managed to restrain him. During the struggle, Compton fell unconscious and later died.

Compton's family questioned why he died during an attempted robbery with a fake gun and called for a thorough investigation. They believed that the two men could have simply held him down and called the police. They also expressed surprise at Compton's alleged actions, emphasizing his previous scrapes with the law but not expecting him to engage in something so extreme.

On the other side, the attorney representing the two men claimed that they were the victims of an armed robbery by a career criminal. The District Attorney's Office and the NYPD conducted a comprehensive investigation and deemed it an act of self-defense. A neighbor vouched for one of the men, describing him as a stand-up guy who got along with everyone and suggesting he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

While Compton's family may find it difficult to understand the circumstances, there is a scientific explanation rooted in fear and adrenaline. When faced with a threatening situation, such as being confronted with a weapon, individuals may instinctively fight for their lives without fully comprehending the details. Adrenaline takes over, and self-preservation becomes the primary focus.

This incident serves as a reminder that brandishing a weapon, whether real or fake, can elicit strong responses from potential victims who perceive it as a genuine threat. It highlights the unpredictability of human reactions in life-or-death situations. Ultimately, Robert Compton learned the hard way that some individuals will fight fiercely to protect themselves when they believe their lives are in danger.

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