Family Hiring Nanny For $64k, Job Comes With Special Condition

A family in Scotland was struggling to find a nanny for their two children. To attract candidates, they offered a generous salary of $64,000 per year, 28 vacation days, and a comfortable living arrangement. However, there was one unique condition that made potential nannies hesitant.

The family advertised the live-in nanny position on, describing their lovely remote home with spectacular views. The job responsibilities included typical childcare tasks such as preparing meals, taking the children to and from school, assisting with homework, and bedtime routines. Since both parents frequently traveled for work, the nanny would be responsible for spending up to four nights alone with the kids.

The catch, however, was that the family's home was rumored to be haunted by ghosts. Although the parents hadn't personally experienced any supernatural incidents, they revealed that five previous nannies had left within a year, citing strange noises, broken glass, and moving furniture as reasons. They acknowledged the impact it had on their children and were willing to pay above the asking rate to find the right person.

The advertisement received significant attention, with over 2,000 responses from interested candidates and messages of support. Richard Conway, the CEO of, found the family's struggle to be the most interesting story they had encountered. After verifying the authenticity of the position through conversations with the family and their former employees, Conway confirmed that the family was genuine in their search for a nanny.

The family assured everyone that no harm had come to anyone living in the house, but emphasized that the nanny would need to have a strong disposition to handle any potential supernatural occurrences.

The story highlights the difficulty the family faced in finding a nanny due to the rumored haunting of their home. It also demonstrates the intriguing nature of the situation, drawing widespread attention and interest. Ultimately, the family's transparency about the paranormal activity serves as a means to find a nanny who is not deterred by the supernatural and is well-suited to the job.

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