Teen Rapes and Murders Girl — Then Submits List of Complaints to Judge

Fourteen-year-old Viktorija Sokolova was brutally raped, beaten, and bludgeoned to death in Wolverhampton, UK. Ayman Aziz, the 17-year-old son of Iraqi migrants, was convicted of her murder and sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 19 years. However, shortly after being imprisoned, Aziz began the appeals process, hoping to reduce his sentence. His attorney presented a list of complaints, including claims of bullying and threats in detention, which he believed would help his appeal.

Aziz's defense team argued that his underprivileged upbringing, mental instability, and pornography addiction were contributing factors to his crimes. They claimed that he was emotionally impoverished and mentally unwell, but the prosecution maintained that he should be held fully responsible for his actions. Aziz had initiated contact with Viktorija on Facebook, luring her to the park where the brutal attack took place.

Viktorija's murder was particularly gruesome, with evidence suggesting that she was repeatedly struck in the head with a hammer. The weapon was never found, but several of her teeth were discovered near her body. She endured severe head injuries and took about an hour to die.

Aziz, who was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and home-schooled from the age of 15, refused to take medication for his mental illness. While Viktorija's family mourned the loss of their only child and expressed anger towards her killer, Aziz complained about his accommodations in prison.

Although Aziz's initial appeal was rejected, it is expected that he will continue to file subsequent appeals in the hope of early release. For Viktorija's family, the painful reality is that her murderer may walk free in less than two decades. The case highlights the devastating impact of the crime and the difficult journey for the victim's loved ones seeking justice and closure.

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