Naruto: Guess the ninjutsu by looking at pictures,


1. Lightning Panther Jutsu: A powerful lightning release technique created by the third Raikage and inherited by Darui. It transforms lightning into a black panther that charges at the enemy. 

2. Ocean Split Jutsu: Two individuals dueling on a divided sea. This Jutsu has a wide range and immense power. Can Naruto fans recognize it and the user? 

3. Rasen Maru: Naruto's variation of the Rasengan. It requires creating a spiral orb to pull the opponent closer and launch a Chakra hand attack. Used once during the Fourth Great Shinobi War. 

4. Thunder Chain Jutsu: Used by Kakashi Hatake, not a regular Lightning Blade. Kakashi and his clone combine their lightning release for a chained attack. Used against Pain's Six Paths. 

5. Super Beast Imitating Drawing: Sai's unique jutsu, brings drawings on scrolls to life. The most powerful attack summons two divine beings.