Naruto: 5 people killed through negligence,


1. Hinata's Overconfidence: Hyuuga Hinata, the only female member of Team 8, is defeated by Uchiha Tobi due to her overconfidence while using the 64 Palms Gentle Fist technique. 

2. Jiraiya's Fatal Mistake: Jiraiya, a legendary Sannin, is fatally struck by Pein after letting his guard down during a battle in Amegakure. 

3. Izuna's Complacency: Uchiha Izuna's complacency against Senju Hashirama results in his severe injury and demise during their fight. 

4. Sasuke's Overconfidence: Sasuke underestimates Killer Bee and is heavily injured when he lets his guard down after believing he has defeated him with his Sharingan genjutsu.

5. Madara's underestimation: Madara Uchiha is defeated by Kaguya and Black Zetsu in separate battles due to his underestimation of their abilities and surprise attacks.