Rapist Vows To Do Same To Victim’s Daughter, Then Receives 61 Injuries

In a shocking incident in Brisbane, Australia, Roxanne Peters took extreme measures to protect her daughter from a man who had previously raped her. Grant Jason Cassar, the rapist, broke into Peters' house and demanded sexual favors from her. When she refused, he threatened to harm her daughter. Filled with rage, Peters stabbed Cassar multiple times in the chest while screaming defiantly. She then tied a rope around his neck, dragged him behind her vehicle, and attempted to dispose of his body in a local ditch.

The police discovered 61 injuries on Cassar's body, including deep stab wounds to his chest and genitals. Investigators concluded that Peters' anger and provoked state led to the severity and nature of the wounds. Initially seeking help from friends to dispose of the body, Peters resorted to dragging it across town since her friends refused. However, the court found fault in her method of disposing of the body, stating that she should not have taken the law into her own hands.

Justice David Bodice acknowledged the significant provocation Peters faced but disagreed with her actions. He sentenced her to 10 and a half years in prison, consisting of 9 years for manslaughter and an additional 18 months for interfering with a corpse. The case has sparked a debate about whether Peters was justified in killing her rapist and dragging his body through the streets, with some arguing that the sentencing was too harsh.

Overall, the summarized passage depicts the story of Roxanne Peters, who was driven to commit a brutal act of violence against her rapist to protect her daughter. While there was recognition of the provocation she faced, the court deemed her actions unlawful and sentenced her to a significant prison term.

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