Man Charged With Murdering Female Cop Files $1.1 Million Lawsuit

After a Virginia police officer, Katie Thyne, was killed by a career criminal, Vernon Green, he proceeded to file a $1.1-million lawsuit against her, claiming excessive force. Officer Thyne and her partner responded to a call about alleged drug activity when they encountered Green. As Thyne stood near the driver's door, Green suddenly accelerated, dragging her for a block before crashing into a tree and fatally injuring her. Green fled but was eventually captured and charged with felony murder, as well as federal drug and gun charges.

In his lawsuit, Green accused Officer Thyne of not activating her emergency lights or identifying herself properly during the stop. He claimed that she refused to provide him with a reason for stopping him, leading him to drive off. Furthermore, he blamed Thyne for her own death, alleging that she jumped into the driver's door and choked him, causing the crash. However, Chief Drew and Thyne's family members reviewed bodycam footage, which contradicted Green's accusations.

Green's lawsuit is seen as an insult to Officer Thyne's memory and an attempt to shift blame away from himself. Thyne's brother expressed that Green should be held accountable for his actions, as he made the decision to flee the scene, resulting in his sister's death. It is revealed that Green had a history of criminal activity, including a previous connection to a bank robbery in North Carolina. Despite federal prosecutors considering charges against him prior to Thyne's death, he remained free due to a lengthy legal process and potential plea deal discussions.

The case highlights concerns over policies such as bail reform that can allow dangerous criminals to go free. If federal authorities had prosecuted Green, Officer Thyne might still be alive today. The tragic incident underscores the need for effective measures to ensure the safety of law enforcement officers and prevent criminals from evading justice.

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