Naruto: Have you seen Naruto's new form?


1. Curse Mark Transformation: Naruto gains the Curse Mark power, similar to Sasuke. His transformation turns him into a monstrous figure. 

2. Six Paths Mode: Naruto achieves the complete power of the Six Paths. He gains a grayish-white appearance, truth-seeking balls surround him, and his Six Paths Rinnegan is activated. 

3. Orochimaru's Form: Naruto merges with Orochimaru and takes on his pale complexion, giving off a terrifying vibe.

4. Reanimation Eye Mode: Naruto gains the powerful Reanimation Eye, which combines Byakugan and Otsutsuki clan bloodline. He can activate the Reanimation Eye Chakra Mode, comparable to the Six Paths Mode. 

5. Pain's Form: Naruto transforms into Pain's Six Paths, wearing the Akatsuki cloak and resembling Yahiko closely, portraying a villainous appearance.