Naruto: Have you seen Sasuke's new form?


1. Nine-Tails Mode: As a perfect jinchuriki, Sasuke can use Nine-Tails Mode, which allows him to fully harness the Nine-Tails' power. His version emits golden chakra. 

2. Six Paths Mode: During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Sasuke unlocks the Rinnegan and gains a similar appearance to Orochimaru. Although he can't achieve the full Six Paths Mode, his double Rinnegan gives him a villainous aura. 

3. Susano'o Mode: With the Mangekyo Sharingan, Sasuke unlocks Susano'o, a chakra entity resembling a warrior god. 

4. Sage Art Mode: Sasuke doesn't learn Sage Art Mode but combining it with his Curse Mark would grant a powerful and sinister appearance. 

5. Tailed Beast Transformation: Since Sasuke isn't a jinchuriki, he can't access this form. However, it creates an alluring image with the body enveloped in red chakra.