Naruto: 6 red-haired beauties in Naruto


1. Mito: Princess of the Uzumaki clan, powerful chakra and sealing ability, Hashirama's wife and the Nine-Tails Jinchuuriki.

2. Kushina: The wife of Namikaze Minato, the second Jinchūriki of the Nine-Tails, "Blood Red Pepper".

3. Xiang Rin: A member of the Uzumaki clan, a red-haired beauty with strong vitality and healing ability.

4. Karui: A ninja from Hidden Cloud Village, a red-haired beauty with average abilities.

5. Tayuya: Orochimaru's subordinate, a red-haired beauty who is good at using the flute to control the "three ghosts" and illusions, and has unique strength.

6. Fu Feng: An original character from the anime, a beautiful woman who can suck chakra with the "Ghoul Kiss". Use this technique on Naruto to make him shy.