Naruto: Orochimaru didn't teach Sasuke 6 moves


1. Forbidden Jutsu: Orochimaru created a forbidden jutsu called "Double Serpent Carnage". It requires grabbing the opponent's hand to perform the hand seals and summon two giant snakes to strangle both Orochimaru and the opponent.

2. Rashomon:  The First Hokage could summon five layers of Rashomon, even withstanding Itachi's Susanoo and the Tailed Beast Ball. Orochimaru can only summon three layers of Rashomon, which may not be as powerful as the First Hokage's, but still an incredibly high-level defensive move. 

3. Five Element Seal: Orochimaru has only used one A-rank sealing technique called the "Five Element Seal".


He used it during the Chunin Exams to seal the Nine-Tails' chakra inside Naruto, preventing him from accessing its power. 

4. Sage Mode: Orochimaru knows the location of Ryuchi Cave, but due to his inability to handle sage chakra, he couldn't master Sage Mode. 

5. Eight-Headed Technique: The Eight-Headed Technique is an S-rank forbidden jutsu created by Orochimaru. It allows him to transform into a "Divine Dragon" with a body and power comparable to Susanoo. 

6. Edo Tensei: It is Orochimaru's proudest technique. He did not teach it to Sasuke. If Sasuke were to master this jutsu, he could reanimate numerous powerful individuals to fight against Naruto