These 5 Ninjutsu are called "Absolute Defense"


1. Gaara's Sand Shield: Gaara's sand possesses the ability to protect him from attacks. He can also create a layer of sand armor for extra defense. However, these defenses have been broken before. 

2. Totsuka Blade and Yata Mirror: Itachi Uchiha possesses these ancient artifacts known as the "absolute defense" and the "ultimate sealing sword." The Totsuka Blade can seal anything, while the Yata Mirror can block any attack. So far, Itachi's Yata Mirror has proven impenetrable.

3. Six Red Yang Formation: Created by Madara Uchiha, this is the strongest barrier ninjutsu. It acts as both a defense and an offense, trapping enemies and defending against all other ninjutsu attacks. It is considered an "absolute defense" that even the Sage of Six Paths cannot break. 

4. Eighty Gods Vacuum Attack: Kaguya Otsutsuki's technique combines offense and defense. It surpasses the Eight Gates and is capable of breaking through the most powerful defenses.