Naruto: The truly unbroken "Absolute Defense"


1. Huitian: The Huitian technique used by the Hyuga clan forms a sphere that defends against all attacks. However, it has a blind spot in the user's vision.

2. Shouheki no Tate: Gaara's sand could initially protect him from all attacks. However, Rock Lee's high-speed attacks were able to break through Gaara's defense. 

3. Raiden Hodan: The Third Raikage possesses the Raiden Hodan technique, allowing him to remain unharmed against thousands of ninja. However, his own powerful attack was able to penetrate his defense. 

4. Susano'o: Susano'o is a Uchiha clan technique that combines offense and defense. However, it becomes relatively weak against strong opponents. 

5. Rashōmon: Rashōmon is a communication technique used by Hagoromo.