Naruto: 5 psychic beasts in wild state


The Three Sages: The Naruto world has three powerful sages - the Great Toad Sage, the White Snake Sage, and the Slug Sage. These creatures possess incredible strength but are untamed and uncontrolled even by the Six Paths Sage. 

Xinya: Xinya is a massive snake in Boruto that was previously tamed by Boruto but has now returned to the wild. It is stronger than Orochimaru's Thousand Snakes and the most formidable creature in Ryuuchi Cave. 

Wu: Wu, a monster from a Naruto Shippuden film, surpasses the power of the Great Toad Sage and the Eight-Tails. Without a master, Wu holds the potential to destroy the world.


Zero-Tails: The Zero-Tails is an extremely rare monster possessing immense dark chakra, rivaling that of the Tailed Beasts. Amaru briefly became its Jinchuriki but was defeated and sealed by Naruto. 

Outer Path Gamazō: The vessel of the Ten-Tails, the Outer Path Gamazō is a destructive monster capable of annihilating the world. It was sealed by the Six Paths Sage and later served as Kabuto's summoned beast.