Tucker Carlson Blasts Joy Reid For Using His Great-Great Grandpa

Tucker Carlson, a Fox News host, responded strongly to MSNBC's Joy Reid after she used his great-great-grandfather's story to attack him on her show. Reid had hired a genealogist to investigate Carlson's family history in an attempt to link his views on immigration to white supremacy. During a panel discussion, it was revealed that Carlson's ancestor had immigrated to the United States from Switzerland in 1860 due to the bleak prospects in his home country.

In his own segment addressing the issue, Carlson dismissed the relevance of his ancestor's story to his present-day opinions and actions as a father, citizen, and employee of Fox News. He criticized MSNBC for using a single 19th-century relative to label him as supporting open borders or lenient immigration policies. He sarcastically referred to the situation as an "elaborate parody" and compared it to a Monty Python skit.

Carlson also accused Reid of race-baiting throughout her career and highlighted her previous remarks about disregarding white voters who supported both Obama and Trump. He claimed that Reid's accusations of racism were actually a projection of her own tendencies. He further argued that the left fails to provide a compelling argument for why the country needs more immigration, resorting instead to shutting down conversations with slurs.

According to Carlson, immigration is a crucial policy topic that shapes the country's demographics, government, and future. He emphasized the importance of engaging in meaningful discussions about immigration rather than relying on personal attacks and identity politics.

Overall, Tucker Carlson vehemently defended himself against Joy Reid's attempt to use his family history against him, criticizing her and MSNBC for their handling of the issue and accusing them of avoiding substantive debates on immigration.

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