VIDEO: Bear Decides To ‘Thank’ Man Who Showed Her Kindness

Patrick Conley, a resident of Asheville, North Carolina, developed a friendly relationship with a family of black bears that frequently visited his property. He even named the mother bear Maïté and her three cubs Maurice, Solange, and Simone. Although the family eventually separated, Patrick continued to see Simone regularly over the years.

In May 2021, Patrick noticed that Simone had given birth to her first litter of cubs. She brought them to Patrick's porch, seemingly as a way to thank him for his kindness. Patrick captured the heartwarming encounter on video, expressing his excitement about the arrival of the adorable cubs.

To Patrick's surprise, Simone no longer wore a tracking collar, indicating that she had likely completed her participation in a bear study. The bears appeared comfortable around Patrick, suggesting that they trusted him. Patrick anticipated future visits from Simone and her cubs, which proved true when Simone returned in April 2023 with another set of four cubs, whom Patrick affectionately referred to as "batch #2 of adorables."

The videos showcase the bond between Patrick and the bears, with both parties exhibiting a sense of comfort and trust. However, it is important to note that approaching wild bears, especially mothers with cubs, can be dangerous. Patrick's unique relationship with Simone should not encourage others to interact with wild animals.

Fortunately, through Patrick's videos, viewers can enjoy the close encounters without risking harm. The ongoing visits from "Simone and Company" continue to bring joy to Patrick and his YouTube subscribers, allowing them to witness the beautiful connection between humans and wildlife.

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