Repairman Learns Woman’s Husband Is Deployed, Puts Milk On The Table

In a heartwarming story, a military wife named Bridget Stevens found herself in need of emergency home repairs while her husband was deployed overseas. She contacted Betlyn Heating and Cooling for help with her furnace issue. Paul Betlyn, the owner of the company, answered her call and offered suggestions over the phone. When the suggestions didn't work, despite his recent knee replacement surgery, Paul decided to visit Bridget's home himself.

During the repair, Bridget and Paul struck up a conversation about her husband's deployment. After completing the job, Paul handed Bridget a bill with a surprising note. Instead of charging her the usual $150, he wrote that her total was just $1. He explained that it was a "deployment discount" as a thank you to her husband for his service. Despite Bridget's attempt to pay more, Paul refused and insisted on thanking her husband.

Bridget was overwhelmed by Paul's kindness and had a hard time expressing her gratitude. Moved by the gesture, she shared the story on Facebook, which gained attention from the media. Paul's act of generosity didn't stop there. Inspired by Bridget's situation, he created a GoFundMe campaign called the "Military Deployment Kisses Fund." The fund aimed to raise money to send families of deployed soldiers overseas to visit their loved ones during lengthy deployments.

The campaign received an overwhelming response, raising almost $5,000 in just three days and eventually surpassing $17,000. Paul humbly stated that he wasn't the hero in this story; the real heroes were the deployed soldiers. He saw his actions as paying it forward and continuing a family tradition. Paul's grandfather, who was a milkman during the Great Depression, would often leave milk for families who couldn't afford it.

In summary, Bridget Stevens, the wife of a deployed soldier, received exceptional help and kindness from Paul Betlyn, a repairman from Betlyn Heating and Cooling. Paul not only fixed her furnace but also gave her a significant discount as a thank you to her husband for his service. This act of kindness inspired Paul to start a fundraiser to help families visit their deployed loved ones, which received an incredible response. Despite Paul's insistence on not being a hero, his actions touched many hearts and exemplified the spirit of gratitude and compassion.

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