Naruto: There are 6 shadow-level artifacts in Konoha


1. "Shinobi God's Sword": Pillar, also known as the "Shinobi God," rarely uses weapons, but he possesses a massive and unnamed sword. 

2. "Lightning-style Sword": The Thunder Sword, originally belonging to the Fourth Hokage, Minato, held immense lightning power. 

3. "Master's Staff": The Third Hokage possessed the Golden Cudgel, a staff transformed from his summoned beast Enma.

4. "Flash Shuriken": The Fourth Hokage's exclusive weapon was a three-pronged shuriken marked with the Flying Thunder God formula.

5. "Silver Fang Dagger": Kakashi inherited his father's White Fang Dagger, known for its silver-white light.

6. "Uchiha Artifact": The Uchiha Blaze Fan, created by the Sacred Tree, is a powerful weapon passed down through the Uchiha clan. Its whereabouts are unknown after the Great Ninja War.