Naruto: Naruto has 5 war gods under his command


1. Sasuke: Naruto's rival, gained immense power during the Fourth Great Ninja War and returned to investigate Kaguya's secret.

2. Sakura: Surpasses Tsunade in medical ninjutsu and strength. Teamed up with Naruto and Sasuke to seal Kaguya. Considered Konoha's main force in battle, at elite shadow shinobi level. 

3. Orochimaru: Has an immortal body and masters forbidden techniques. Reformed and became one of Konoha's top experts under Naruto. 

4. Kabuto: Inherits Orochimaru's abilities and conducts forbidden experiments. After reforming, became director of Konoha's orphanage. 

5. Rock Lee: Konoha's strongest taijutsu ninja and Guy's disciple. Becomes a Jonin after Guy becomes disabled. His strength is immeasurable and has the potential to surpass the Kages in power.