Naruto: Recognize people by looking at the shadows


1. First Photo: The first photo shows a black shadow with a kaleidoscope writing wheel eye and a curved shuriken shaped like a gem. Observing the shadow, we can see the presence of many crow shadows. Can you guess who it is? 

2. Second Photo: Let's take a look at the second photo, which features the white eye. As a dojutsu of the Otsutsuki clan, the white eye is possessed by very few ninjas and is incredibly powerful. Looking at the black shadow in the photo, it appears to be short and weak. Can you guess who it is? 

3. Third Photo: The eyes in the photo are extremely rare and not commonly seen in the Naruto series. Looking at the black shadow, it seems to have a massive body. Can you guess what it is? 

4. Fourth Photo: It is a coveted ability but possessed by very few individuals. Looking at the black shadow carrying black balls and wielding a strange weapon, who do you think it is?