After Naruto's death, the 6 ninjas most likely to inherit the power of the Nine-Tails


Sunflower: As the daughter of Naruto and Hinata, she has a higher chance of inheriting the Nine-Tails power due to her special Uzumaki clan traits. 

Sarada: If Sunflower cannot inherit the Nine-Tails power, Sarada, who has a strong ambition like a Hokage, might be the next candidate if combined with her Sharingan. 

Boruto: As Naruto's student, Boruto has inherited his techniques, summoning animals, and will. If others cannot inherit the Nine-Tails power, he may have a chance. 

Kawaki: Though not a direct descendant, Kawaki has shown potential with his Karma seal. If he proves trustworthy and loyal to Konoha, he may be considered. 

Sasuke: As Naruto's trusted friend, Sasuke may be chosen to protect Konoha and its people if other candidates fail. 

Orochimaru: Though unlikely, Orochimaru has long desired the Nine-Tails power. After Naruto's death, he may resort to desperate measures to obtain it.