Girl, 9, recovering after scissors were stuck in her head for a week

A Filipino schoolgirl had to be hospitalized after a freak accident left her with scissors sticking out of her head — for a full week.

"Sharp objects like scissors or knives must be kept away from children," the girl's father Rene Boy Raga warned after the bizarre mishap, which occurred at the family home in Sarangani province.

The victim, Nicole Raga, 9, had been arguing with her 5-year-old brother when the lad whaled her over the head with his backpack, which happened to contain the scissors, Viral Press reported.

As a result, they became lodged in Nicole's skull, causing her to cry out in pain.

Upon seeing the tool protruding from her head, her horrified father rushed his daughter to a local hospital, where she was kept under close watch.

Unfortunately, the family was too "poor" to pay the 30,000 PHP ($540), per Rene, so she had to spend a week in the hospital with the slicers jutting out from her head.

While the scissors reportedly didn't cause Nicole permanent damage, the poor girl was traumatized by the event.

"My niece was not in pain but she was bored and wanted to walk around and play," lamented Nicole's aunt Kim Abrenica.

Salvation finally came after concerned locals donated money for the procedure, after which Nicole finally had the scissors extracted from her noggin July 9.

She is recuperating at a hospital in General Santos City.

'The doctors said that Nicole will make a full recovery," gushed Rene. "There is no damage to her brain and the wounds will heal. She will be back to normal very quickly."

The relieved dad added that he was "grateful" to everyone who contributed to her surgery, claiming: "I am so lucky to have everyone who gave money and who prayed for Nicole."

In light of the ordeal, Rene said he's taking extra precautions to make sure his children don't suffer a similar accident in the future.

"We have checked everything at home to make sure that there is nothing dangerous," he said. "We don't want anything like this to happen again."

Ultimately, the father said he feels that "it's important for parents to see what has happened" so they don't have to suffer through a similar fiasco.

In a similar near miss in 2020, a hardy Bronx man was left with a meat cleaver in his dome following a brawl, which he was able to "walk off" before making a full recovery.

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