Man Attempts Armed Robbery Of Food Truck, God Intervenes

In Houston, Texas, a brave grandmother operating a food truck had her life threatened when an armed man attempted to rob her. Keshondra Howard Turner, known for her delicious soul food, found herself facing a gun pointed at her face. However, in a remarkable turn of events, the criminal's gun jammed, giving Turner the opportunity to defend herself.

The incident occurred when a man pulled up to Turner's food truck, Elite Eats, and inquired about the menu. As she turned away to show him some fried chicken, he suddenly brandished a gun through the window. Turner managed to close the window momentarily, but the assailant forcefully reopened it. The man then stuck his arm inside the truck, pointing the gun directly at Turner and attempting to shoot her. Fortunately, his gun malfunctioned, giving Turner the chance to retrieve her own firearm and shoot the suspect multiple times. He collapsed and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police confirmed that Turner holds a valid license to carry a firearm. Her son, Derrick Howard, spoke on behalf of their family, describing his mother as a kind-hearted person who cares for others. He expressed concern for her well-being, as the traumatic incident was out of character for her.

Following the shooting, Turner experienced a panic attack and was taken to the hospital for treatment. Her family considers her fortunate to have been a concealed carry holder who was prepared to defend herself when faced with a life-threatening situation. They believe that divine intervention played a role in the criminal's gun jamming, attributing it to Turner's faith as a Godly woman.

The family had been operating the food truck in the same location for three years without any prior issues. They were devastated by the incident, particularly since the robber's motive seemed to be a mere $40. Jacqueline Mitchell, Turner's mother-in-law, voiced her frustration with criminals and urged them to find legitimate employment instead of resorting to robbery.

Turner's loved ones credit her survival to her firearm and believe that divine intervention played a significant role in the outcome. They consider her lucky to be alive and emphasize the importance of self-defense for those trying to make an honest living.

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