House Of Horrors: 7 People Hid Sex Crimes In Feces-Covered Trailer

A shocking incident unfolded in St. Petersburg, Florida, where six men and one woman were arrested after authorities discovered the horrifying truth hidden inside a feces-covered trailer. The arrests came as police investigated the disappearance of a missing out-of-state teenager, which led them to the squalid mobile home community.

The investigation was initiated by Louisiana authorities who believed that a missing 17-year-old from their state might be held captive in the St. Petersburg trailer. Not only did the Florida authorities find the missing teenager, but they also discovered another 16-year-old boy who had been reported missing nearly a year earlier from Marion County.

Initially, one of the residents of the trailer, Mark Dennis, claimed that the 16-year-old boy was his son. However, the truth soon emerged, revealing a horrific tale. The teenager had allegedly been lured away from his family with false promises of a better life. Instead, he was found living in deplorable conditions, confined to a small mattress surrounded by animal cages and feces.

Even worse, it was revealed that the boy had been subjected to repeated sexual abuse by the group of men, serving as their underage sex slave for an entire year. The rescue of the first boy occurred when the perpetrators attempted to lure the second boy to the trailer.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody expressed her deep disturbance over the case, emphasizing the teenage victim's ordeal of being lured away and enslaved in a filthy trailer for almost a year. Eleanor McGlamory, aged 56, was identified as the person who introduced the boy to the married couple, Mark and Andrew Dennis. All seven individuals involved were arrested across multiple counties.

Further investigation revealed that McGlamory had also contacted the second boy when he was just 15 years old, using an online gaming app called Discord. She orchestrated his meeting with the Dennises, who provided him with a new identity while leaving a note for his mother, urging her not to search for him.

The conditions inside the trailer were described as deplorable, with the victims living in filth and surrounded by animal feces and cages. The defendants face charges of conspiracy to commit human trafficking and interference with custody, while the Dennises, Blasdel, and Gauthier face additional charges of sexual battery of a child under 16.

Law enforcement suspects that there may be more victims involved and urges vigilance over online activities, reminding parents that both their sons and daughters can be targeted by online predators. This disturbing case serves as a stark reminder of the need to protect our children from the depravity lurking on the internet.

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